Forever in Amber photos by Anders Leth Damgaard

What I previously knew about insects trapped in amber was that they were future dinosaurs. What I didn’t know until recently that it also made for stunning art, these ancient insects preserved in death for millions of years, with only a thin layer of hardened amber separating our world from theirs. I’m still holding out for future velociraptors but I don’t mind admiring these tiny contained universes in the meantime.

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Stefano Tosato Photographer :)


Pale Tussock Caterpillar (Calliteara pudibunda) (by Darius Baužys)


entomolog: Peanut-headed Lanternfly (Fulgora laternaria) female

* you’ve probably heard the myth that is propagated in south america, mostly by native men, that if one is bitten by the Peanut Bug, he will die unless he has sex with a virgin girl. these insects are incapable of biting humans -___-

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blackkittenclan: death comes ripping.

Clearwing, Cithaerias menander, Panama  -  (photo: Artour_a)

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